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Family treasures are often obscure documents and objects, but they tell the personal histories of the people behind them. Learn about these ‘scraps’ of history, which thanks to cooperation between donors and historians, will not be forgotten. Captivatingly prepared articles and podcasts will reach a broad range of people.

Articles and podcasts

Partitioned Poland

The Second Polish Republic

A Time of War and Occupation

Wermacht and Schupo [Schutzpolizei] Units in Warsaw Documented in Photographs “People Are My Topic”: The Julien Bryan Collection in Warsaw Martyrology of Poles in Volhynia [Wołyń] during World War II in the Light of a Letter from Brother Cyprian Lasoń

Death Camps

Forced Resettlements and Deportations

Poles in POW Camps

The Doomed Soldiers [of the Anticommunist Polish Underground]

Polish Emigration

Two Tons of Polish History Sailed to the Fatherland ''I Discovered the Beauty of Life”: The Diaries of Antoni Macheta The Archive of Franciszek Wilk – Indomitable Peasant Activist

Resistance to the [Communist] Regime of the Polish People’s Republic

Historie odnalezione

Young, quite festively dressed and in the background are the ruins of Warsaw. Who are they? The IPN Archive is seeking information about the people on Henryk Śmigacz’s photograph. The Archive asks that any information about them be emailed to:

The IPN archive is looking for information about the heroes from the photo of Henryk Śmigacz.