Wermacht and Schupo [Schutzpolizei] Units in Warsaw Documented in Photographs

In 2010, IPN purchased a collection of unique photographs taken between 1939 and 1941 from Wiesław Skiba of Luxembourg. Part of the photographs show the Wermacht and Schutzpolizei units of Nazi Germany entering Warsaw.Others depict daily life under occupation from the perspective of the invaders.

A lineup in front of a food distribution point, a policeman walking by, armed with a Parabellum pistol.

Unidentified German infantry unit entering Warsaw

Polish soldiers surrendering, standing amidst weapons and ordnance laid down, a German policeman kneeling in the center

Gathering of a Schupo (German police) company of three platoons in the early days of the occupation

Schupo platoon being briefed by an officer just before deployment

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