Jan Hausbrandt’s Photograph Collection

A remarkable chronicle of daily life in Poland in the 1970s and 1980s was captured by Jan Hausbrandt – photojournalist and artist-photographer. The collection shows the true face of communism: the long lineups, the drabness of the streets, laborers at work, poverty and drunkenness, but also hope, joy, and faith.

Young people from the ‘punk’ subculture at a camp site, Sztutowo, 1983

People gathered at Plac Zamkowy (Castle Square) in Warsaw after the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, May 1981

Strike by the cadets from the Higher Officers’ School of Firefighting at 52/54 Słowackiego St. in Warsaw, December 2, 1981

Holy mass during the Warsaw Medical Academy students’ strike regarding the registration of the Independent Students’ Association, Warsaw, February 16, 1981

Street vending in front of the ‘Sezam’ Co-op Department Store on Marszałkowska Street in Warsaw, 1985

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