‘Korab’ – A Brief Account

The life of Roman Korab-Żebryk – born in Vilnius, a soldier of the [Polish] Home Army and a historian of the Polish Underground State – would be enough to write more than one biographical novel and produce several gripping action movies. It is hard to believe that so much was experienced by just one person.

Roman Żebryk, pseud. ‘Korab’ (center) during a meal with Zygmunt Szendzielarz

Okruchy historii – czytaj i słuchaj

Wermacht and Schupo [Schutzpolizei] Units in Warsaw Documented in Photographs “People Are My Topic”: The Julien Bryan Collection in Warsaw Martyrology of Poles in Volhynia [Wołyń] during World War II in the Light of a Letter from Brother Cyprian Lasoń